Why Invisible-Care?

Invisible-Care was born out of a need to provide clients with support services that combine technology with personal care in real time. Invisible-Care is an integrated client support services that is delivered virtually in real time when the client needs the service.

"Just because I have a brain injury does not mean I don’t care about fashion and style.
I don’t need another thing identifying me as disabled."

- Danielle D

Clients told us they need 24/7 monitoring but do not need, or want, to have a person in their home.

They require in-direct support through ongoing cues and prompting, however clients do not want to be stigmatized and have a device that makes them stand out.

One Tool

Occupational Therapists (OT) told us they need one device instead of recommended several separate tools.

Human Contact

The OT’s reported a need for “human contact” with the client as the aid/device is useless if the client is not using it properly.

Faster Access

The OT community also informed us that client’s need faster access to support in the moment through physician and therapists on call.

24/7 Monitoring

Invisible-Care provides 24/7 monitoring with daily communication with the client to ensure the device is being implemented.

Invisible-Care is an innovative home care solution combining access to a support worker through technology. Invisible-Care is driven by live support worker care using a platform the integrates low level technology so clients of all abilities can access care.


Our Core Features

Invisible-Care is a revolutionary new way to provide client support services

Invisible-Care uses non-direct cueing methods to provide the security your client requires to get out and live life inside and outside the home. Invisible-Care will track function providing the team with functional data to allow for greater planning, strategy and long term outcomes.

  • Stylish watch for safety and wellness
  • 24/7 Care 365 days a year
  • GPS tracking with free standing alarm watch
  • No app required
  • Set up is immediate
  • Two way voice calling

Supervision To A Whole New Level

  • Daily Prompting and cueing with a designated care partner
  • Medication reminder with assistance for prescription renew
  • Access to daily video calls
  • Access to form completions and questionnaires
  • Access to daily mindfulness and meditation tools

Direct Billing To Insurer

  • Monthly report with invoice to increase transparency of care
  • Monthly data to build supporting documentation on function

Invisible-Care uses non-direct cueing methods to provide the security your client requires to get out and live life inside, and outside, the home.

Invisible-Care will track function providing the team with functional data to allow for:

Greater Planning


Long Term Outcomes

A functional report at the end of the month is provided to the insurer, lawyer and team. The functional report includes measurable quantifiable data to assist teams better support and plan for overall needs, application for GOSE and long term outcomes.

Occupational therapists have reported the need for a service that is cost effective to meet attendant care needs but keeps the maximum amount of rehabilitation benefit dollars going to direct rehabilitation.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I use my own watch or phone?
Yes, Invisible-Care can integrate into iWatch, Garmin and Samsung devices.
Does the watch have phone capabilities?
Yes, the Invisible-Care watch has two way voice calling and text.
Can I change the reminders on my watch?
No, all prompting and cueing is done through a backdoor that the client cannot change.
How long does it take to change reminders?
24 hour notice is required to change daily prompts.
Can I choose the style and color of watch?
Yes, the watch comes in black, blue and white and the face on the watch can be changed by the client. In addition, invisible care can integrate into any smart watch format.
My client wanders, can you find their location?
Yes, Invisible-Care has a GPS feature. If your client wanders we can put a Geofence around them and have alerts go off if they leave the area. This is only an option with the invisible care watch.
My client needs reminders to do activities of daily living can the device prompt functional tasks?
Yes, Invisible-Care takes information from the team to create the daily prompts such as medication, meals, laundry, homework, and relaxation strategies.
What if my client ignores the prompts?
Invisible-Care has a human element and after 3 prompts a care partner will call the client and encourage task completion.
As the case manager will I get information and updates?
Yes, a monthly tracking information sheet will be provided to the team. This will allow collaboration and change to the prompting schedule as needed.
My client has no tech skills. Do you offer training?
Yes, a one to one set up appointment with the care partner is completed and “cheat sheets” are provided. In addition Invisible-Care is one push of a button away to respond to any questions.
What is the monthly cost?
Packages vary depending on client need. Monitoring packages start at $19.99 per day.
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