The Invisible-Care Difference

Invisible-Care Inc offers
day to day support for life’s challenges.

Now offering services in over 200 languages.

Our Services

Invisible-Care has a management team of Occupational Therapists ensuring the referral source is always speaking to a regulated health professional that understands the unique needs of each client and team.

Invisible-Care works with all teams and support models from personal support, developmental support and rehabilitation support. We have trained staff with experience in communication, traumatic brain injury, mental health and all staff are supervised by an Occupational Therapist.

You tell us the support your client requires and we deliver it through an Intermittent care model paired with Technology.

Invisible-Care offers all support services as an extension of the care team. The support person behind the technology reaching out to clients come from a variety of backgrounds including Personal Support Worker, Educational Assistant, Communications Assistant and Rehabilitation Assistant. Hamilton Community News Readers Choice Award 2023 - Best Home Health Care

Winner of Hamilton Community News' Readers Choice Award for 2023 - Best Home Health Care.

What is the Invisible-Care difference?

  • Owned and Managed by Occupational Therapists that believe what you do each day matters.
  • Invisible-Care Inc. focuses on creating a life of positivity, routine, and problem solving for our clients. To do this, we build client specific care plans.
  • A combination of technology and a live support worker to provide constant supervision, guidance, and support throughout the day
  • Human contact, videos, texts, and images to support a client complete daily task
  • Now offering services in over 200 languages

Support that is measured

Rehab support has traditionally been hard to track. Our platform automatically tracks the prompts and support provided, gathering insights to the clients FUNCTION OVER TIME.


What type of client benefits from Invisible-Care intermittent care models?

  • A client that is physically able to complete activities of daily living but needs comfort and care for emotional health
  • A client that is physically able to complete activities of daily living but needs reminders, cues and prompts
  • A client that requires frequent healthy checks
  • A client that can follow video or text instruction
  • A client that is isolated and needs companionship
  • A client that is transient and needs mobile support
  • A client that needs support in off hours

Can children and teens use the Invisible-Care intermittent care model?

  • Intermittent care is the perfect way to have accountability and develop independence without feeling like you have a parent watching your every move
  • Children and teens master routines for everyday living and school through daily intermittent checks for accountability
  • Invisible-Care supports your child's learning needs for homework completion, organizing and planning. We help your child manage their day and gain confidence.

Resource Library

Our library of skill-building resources includes activities, images, videos more, and is available anytime. We provide information and support on topics such as but not limited to box breathing, mindfulness, energy conservation, pacing, task break down, managing stress, nutrition.

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