The Invisible-Care Difference

Through pairing an Intermittent Care Model + Technology clients get a Real Time Tailored Support Experience from 6am – 12pm and access to overnight crisis support.

  • Invisible-Care secure encrypted Technology means all client information is protected.
  • Invisible-Care Technology means you pay less as we automate communication to be cost effective while remaining personal and conversational.
  • Invisible-Care offers the highest quality remote care that goes beyond episodic responses and is with your client all day when they need support.
  • The device is custom to your clients' needs and incorporated in the pricing.

About us

Jennifer and Bruce Carnegie have worked in the rehabilitation field for over 25 years.

Jennifer is an Occupational Therapist with over 25 years experience in the motor vehicle industry and has supervised over 150 occupational therapists in a variety of clinical manager roles and understands what Occupational Therapists need from a support worker on the team.

Invisible-Care Inc. was born out of a need to provide cost effective support when clients require the support. The traditional model of a three hour visit at the agency's availability does not work for clients and results in high costs.

Our Services

Invisible-Care has a management team of Occupational Therapists ensuring the referral source is always speaking to a regulated health professional that understands the unique needs of each client and team.

Invisible-Care works with all teams and support models from personal support, developmental support and rehabilitation support. We have trained staff with experience in communication, traumatic brain injury, mental health and all staff are supervised by an Occupational Therapist.

Funding can be through the attendant care and Form 1 dollars or on an OCF 18.

You tell us the support your client requires and we deliver it through an Intermittent care model paired with Technology.

Invisible-Care offers all support services as an extension of the care team. The support person behind the technology reaching out to clients come from a variety of backgrounds including Personal Support Worker, Educational Assistant, Communications Assistant and Rehabilitation Assistant.

What is Intermittent care with Invisible-Care?

  • A combination of technology and a live support worker to provide constant supervision, guidance, and support throughout the day
  • Human contact, videos, texts, and images to support a client complete daily task
  • Contact in any language


What type of client benefits from Invisible-Care intermittent care models?

  • A client that is physically able to complete activities of daily living but needs comfort and care for emotional health
  • A client that is physically able to complete activities of daily living but needs reminders, cues and prompts
  • A client that requires frequent healthy checks
  • A client that can follow video or text instruction
  • A client that is isolated and needs companionship
  • A client that is transient and needs mobile support
  • A client that needs support in off hours

Can children and teens use the Invisible-Care intermittent care model?

  • Intermittent care is the perfect way to have accountability and develop independence without feeling like you have a parent watching your every move
  • Children and teens master routines for everyday living and school through daily intermittent checks for accountability
  • Invisible-Care supports your child's learning needs for homework completion, organizing and planning. We help your child manage their day and gain confidence.

Invisible-Care Support Network Alliance

Invisible-Care as a staffing solution with other community partners.
Invisible-Care has built alliances with community partners that work directly in the home.

When a live person is required Invisible-Care and an Alliance partner work together to provide a full-service model of care! Ask how you or your agency can become an Alliance member?
  • Support staffing has become extremely difficult and Invisible-Care is an innovative resource for staffing
  • Invisible-care has many community partners that take advantage or our 6am-12pm shift to make sure a client is always covered
  • Invisible care assists you manage staff shortages, sick days and no-show shifts in a professional manner and the client feels cared for and connected even when the live care provider is not available
  • Generate revenue for your agency even when staff is not available
  • Our quality staff have extensive experience and reduce your need to look for the best fit to make checkup calls and connections with your clients virtually

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I use my own watch or phone?
Yes, Invisible-Care can integrate into iWatch, Garmin and Samsung devices.
Does the watch have phone capabilities?
Yes, the Invisible-Care watch has two way voice calling and text.
Can I change the reminders on my watch?
No, all prompting and cueing is done through a backdoor that the client cannot change.
How long does it take to change reminders?
24 hour notice is required to change daily prompts.
Can I choose the style and color of watch?
Yes, the watch comes in black, blue and white and the face on the watch can be changed by the client. In addition, invisible care can integrate into any smart watch format.
My client wanders, can you find their location?
Answer – Yes, Invisible-Care has access to a GPS feature. Please call us to speak about your client’s needs.
My client needs reminders to do activities of daily living can the device prompt functional tasks?
Yes, Invisible-Care takes information from the team to create the daily prompts such as medication, meals, laundry, homework, and relaxation strategies.
What if my client ignores the prompts?
Invisible-Care has a human element and after 3 prompts a care partner will call the client and encourage task completion.
As the case manager will I get information and updates?
Yes, a monthly tracking information sheet will be provided to the team. This will allow collaboration and change to the prompting schedule as needed.
My client has no tech skills. Do you offer training?
Yes, a one to one set up appointment with the care partner is completed and “cheat sheets” are provided. In addition Invisible-Care is one push of a button away to respond to any questions.
What is the monthly cost?
Packages vary depending on client need. Monitoring packages start at $ 23.99 per day.
Call the Invisible-Care team at (289) 335-1713 today for a quote on your client’s needs.

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