Sample Reports


Invisible-Care offers virtual attendant care service and rehabilitation support under the accident benefits. Our intermittent model of care allows each client access to on-demand support from 6am-midnight. Our team of PSWs and RSWs use our safe and secure proprietary software to communicate with the client through text, phone, and video. Our services include but are not limited to providing cues and prompts for task initiation and completion, support with completing ADLS, healthy check-ins, supervision, coaching on strategies to cope and self-manage, supportive counselling, and on-demand emotional support from 6am to midnight. Our monthly Progress Reports outline the supports provided to client and validate the need for ongoing care. Please refer to the sample Progress report below.

Function Over Time

Function Over Time is an automated functional data tracker that equips the client’s team with daily insights into the client’s function. The tracker allows better understanding of functional patterns, challenges, and restrictions through a close lens. This data tells the client’s story, between treatment and assessment sessions, and can be used to support treatment plans and multidisciplinary assessments including CAT and GOS-e. Our proprietary software delivers daily functional questions to the client, to gather real-time information on client’s symptoms, functional limitations, challenges to task completion, ability to perform ADLs, social function, and cognitive function. This data is analyzed and visually represented in a Functional Summary report. Please refer to the sample Functional Summary Reports below.

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